What we Offer

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What we Offer  

Highlighted below are some of the solutions we will be providing your organization:

  • Business Intelligence: This is a major component of your market entry strategy and will determine the where and how your investments should be made. We will carry out a market research and assess the sales potential of the Nigerian market to determine how ideal it is for your brand. We will also critically evaluate various key parameters such as; the political climate, the economic environment, the legal & Regulatory environment, amongst other critical factors peculiar to your industry.
  • Market Entry Strategy: Our advisory services will support you to choose and document the agreed specific market; the ideal entry method; and the right application of the model that will meet the needs of your local and regional operators.
  • Market Entry Plan: We will work with you to develop a comprehensive entry strategy document using our local insights and market information. This documentation will provide detailed information of the market; needs of local customers; and an effective market penetration strategy that will significantly minimize exposure to risk to help your business take full advantage of the growth opportunities.
  • Set-up support & Representation: We partner with you to facilitate the successful and seamless execution of your market entry plan. The scope of our partnership includes; business matchmaking (distributors, franchisees, agents etc.), business registration, partner/investor due diligence and other business support services.

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