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We share all necessary information and insights that you need to gain an understanding of the concept and benefits of your investment or business; whether you want to buy or sell a franchise.

Buying a Franchise

In this section, we provide you with  information to gain an understanding of the concept and benefits of investing in a franchise, and point toward FBDS products and services that are designed to help the prospective franchise investor make the right choice.

Why Should I Buy A Franchise?

Franchising, due to its low failure risk (globally 15% failure rate and 5% failure rate in South Africa), appealed to these potential investors, who however may require borrowed equity to successfully buy a franchise…

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Selling Your Franchise

As an established franchisor, your business is ready to move on to the next level. FBDS is an ideal partner to help you achieve your franchising goals. See recommended articles for you.

Why Franchise Your Business?

The franchise business model is popular and globally proven for business growth and rapid expansion – of course, only when the subject business has developed proven systems, replicated its success at other location(s) and is scalable.

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How To Know If Your Business Is Ready For Franchising

At FBDS, we advise our clients wishing to franchise their businesses to consider the following factors to determine if the business is ready to be franchised. Our business-to-franchise feasibility analysis reviews the current state of the business, with the goal of determining: if it has proven business systems,…

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Franchising Your Business

Franchising offers an effective route into building a national network without requiring the management infrastructure, time and capital investment of company-owned expansion. See recommended articles to learn more about franchising your business.

FBDS Franchise Development Procedure

FBDS partners with World Franchise Associates (WFA), vendor members of International Franchise Association (IFA) and other partners at various global locations, to provide professional Business-to-Franchise support services to entrepreneurs that wish to franchise their businesses….

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Getting A Franchise Arrangement Right

While the franchise business model will provide a sustained advantage for the franchisor and the franchisee, like a marriage, a franchise relationship can end poorly. A franchise “divorce” may produce long-term problems affecting the parties’ ability to conduct business…

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