Having right and capable trade distribution partners guarantees business growth and sustainability for any organization. The reverse can mean money and efforts down the drain and can slow growth for many years.

The challenge in Nigeria and Africa at large is the inconsistency in performance for most distributorship business. If you draw a performance chart for most organizations with respect to their distributors, the chart at best is a zig zag. Hardly do high performing distributorship businesses last more than 5-7 years at the top.

A significant challenge therefore arises in that it hinders the potential for long term planning for organizations

Our service offering supports both emerging and established distributorship businesses to develop a suitable structured distributorship models and introduce them to prequalified distributor or wholesale partners that meet desired criteria, towards delivering guaranteed sustainable growth and global expansion. Our distributorship development support framework covers 4 strategic pillars through comprehensive diagnostics to identify and close gaps that are a bottleneck to the effectiveness of business operations.

Based on this premise, Franchise Business Development Services (FBDS) is proposing our bouquet of services to help your organization increase the capacity of your distributors, grow your market, and ensure optimization of your supply chain as well as profitability for Distributors in your network.

Guaranteed Results From Our Services


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I was very impressed with your services. FBDS helped in achieving SLOT’s expansion goals. We look forward to continuing relationship with FBDS.

Mr. Nnamdi Ezeigbo

Thank you FBDS for your support and guidance in developing our business. We wish we had even engaged FBDS at the earlier phase of our business growth.

Rasheed Jaiyeola

Thank you so much for delivering far beyond our expectations of your services. We look forward to the support of FBDS to make our franchise dreams come true.

Alhaji Danladi Garba