Franchise Interview: A Chat With The Chief Development Officer of Chicken Republic

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Not only has  the “Chicken Republic” brand  proven to be one of  the fastest growing food franchise in Nigeria; it also boasts of a viable business model with numerous outlets in 14 states. Celebrating the brand’s franchise achievements, FBDS Nigeria’s team recently had a chat with Mr Kofi Abunu, the Chief Development Officer of Chicken Republic.

Mr Kofi is a seasoned QSR professional with international expertise. He has over 23 years of international experience in the food and hospitality industry having previously worked with global brands such as McDonald’s (UK), Nandos, and Steers (Ghana). He builds and retains high-performance teams by hiring, developing, training and mentoring skilled professionals in emerging markets. Below is a summary of our interactive session with Mr Kofi.

Tell Us About The Success of Chicken Republic Franchise

The Chicken Republic Franchise success story is basically based on the transparent and effective support model given to franchisees. The major benefits include leveraging off our strong brand image and gaining access to our innovative business model, popular products, excellent site selection strategy, advanced training programmes, strong marketing support initiatives and other intangible assets. We also ensure that franchisees build profitable business ventures.

In what specific areas have Franchising contributed to your growth as a company?

Franchising has helped Chicken Republic to transfer it’s unique brand identity, transparency,  and support to a number of Franchisees. This, in turn, has led to the growth of the brand. It has also established us in the market.

What Are The Brand’s Key Values?

Our business values include integrity, good faith, fair conduct, dedication, teamwork, diversity and a passion for continuous improvement.

What Qualifications Do You Look Out For in A Potential Franchisee?

We look out for individuals with entrepreneurial spirits,  who are very hardworking. Becoming a Chicken Republic Franchisee is not for everyone. It requires devotion to drive the attainment of goals shared by us and our franchisees. This required devotion will ensure all-round business success including, financial, operational and compliance with quality and delivery standards.  We run an owner-operator model where the franchisee is ‘hands-on’ in the running of the store.

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