• We are building new roads to enterprise, social and economic development through our unique business model

  • Businesses in Nigeria can now expand beyond the capacity of the owners through collaborations, business optimization and standardization, business sustainability, access to low cost fund or other people’s money, and outlive the owners through franchising.

  • People that cannot build successful enterprises by themselves can now venture into entrepreneurship and own successful businesses through franchising.

  • Micro and small scale businesses can now access support and formal structures in line with best practices, to expand their businesses locally and internationally.

  • The culture of independence is now gradually giving way for the practice of collaboration, where people see the value in leveraging successful brands built by other entrepreneurs to own a business.


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Thank you FBDS. It was a great pleasure working with you on the franchise study: Tackling access to finance – Unlocking the potential of franchising in Nigeria. We are excited about the role you took up to ensure the implementation of the recommendations of the study in Nigeria and the resulting impact of the effort in line with UKAID desired development goals.

Dr. Titilola Akindeinde - Programme Manager, PDF Nigeria (A UKAid Programme)

Thank you Franchise Business Development Services International Limited (FBDS), for having come a long way to hosting this forum and this is the third in the series. It is a thing to behold that you deem it important to create this necessary awareness as it is in line with the vision of the Ministry to promote economic growth, create jobs and generate wealth.

Aisha Abubakar - Former Honorable Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment