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Pressto Cleaning Services Limited

About Pressto

Pressto is a dry cleaning and laundry servicing franchise business, originally founded in Spain.

The brand has expanded to over 25 countries and offers an innovative model in the industry. By offering customers with a “cleaning boutique” experience, Pressto presents a high quality and personalised service, helping the brand stand out against other competing businesses, and the brand is established in several locations, including in Spain, Lebanon, Australia, Mexico, and other countries.

Pressto franchises all enjoy a tailor-made store with a unique style and image and offer additional services alongside dry cleaning and laundry, including bag and shoe-related services.

The brand also offers a home delivery service, which is tied in with an online app, and this enables customers to enjoy a more convenient experience.

With great value for money, the brand has established itself to be highly popular amongst its existing market of customers and can be a great opportunity for anyone looking for an original and enjoyable franchise opportunity.

Pressto has committed to developing a real franchising system with the same guarantees for service and support that it is offered in Spain the country of origin, through the Franchise formula. The Master Franchisee in Nigeria and Ghana is Pressto Cleaning Services Limited. She is the maximum authority, that is, the franchisor of the brand in the territories. She is saddled with the responsibility of developing the sub franchisees within the territories having signed the agreement with Pressto Spain.

Who is a Sub – Franchisee?

An investor who decides to become a sub-Franchisee in Nigeria or Ghana in a certain area becomes a partner and is responsible for developing the brand in that area as per the agreement signed by him and Pressto Cleaning Services. He will be entitled to create his own net and stores within the specified area.

Why Become a PRESSTO Franchisee?

Pressto has been awarded for two consecutive years among the 100 best franchises in the world. We are willing to share with you the main keys for success at Pressto including;

  • Unique and proven business concept
  • Shared success that allows our franchisees to benefit from our consolidated know how
  • Exclusive business model, training manuals, operating procedures, and support to ensure your franchise outlet experience the same great performance as the Franchise Outlet

Benefits of buying PRESSTO Franchise

  • Marketing and advertising
  • Unique & Customized Management Application Software
  • Big Returns on Investment
  • Gross Profit over 80%
  • Access to exclusive machinery and techniques
  • Continuous support from our technicians and training team to grant a reliable and efficient know how communication.
  • Online support using the Pressto Net computer system
  • Providing a market-leading, best-in-class service
  • Leverage savory reputation of an international brand
  • Central purchasing that guarantees best value in the market (up to 30% discount)
  • Over 20 years’ experience of industry experience and market leadership

Ideal Franchise Owner

  • Our investment opportunity aligns with those who have a passion for purpose – a real desire to make a positive difference. Also, the ideal candidate for the Pressto Cleaning Service franchise opportunity is an individual or a group with integrity and business acumen.
  • Experienced business people driven by new challenges
  • Strategic business people willing to leverage the legacy of a leading international company
  • Have a superior customer service experience

How much does it cost to start a franchise with Pressto?

Starting a franchise with Pressto can require an investment of £175,000 or more. The total amount required can depend on the location and size of the business, as well as a variety of other set up costs, such as property leasing, legal fees and more.

Current Operating Locations

Spain, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, Morocco, Angola, Malaysia, India, Nigeria, Ghana, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Honduras, United Arab Emirate, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Australia, Panama.

Available Locations for Franchise Opportunities

Key areas in Nigeria and Ghana.

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