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Frenzy Yogurt

California’s frozen yogurt (softserve) and smoothies frenzy has finally arrived in Lagos, Nigeria as the only innovative nutraceutical yogurt company in the world- Yogurt Frenzy! Its innovative creator, Gary Brisker, formulated not only the greatest tasting frozen yogurt and smoothies dessert in the industry, but also the only desserts that improve your health with superior nutritional qualities and benefits as

  • low calories and non fat
  • contains natural fruit sugar (fructose), no table sugar (sucrose)
  • 100% natural and organic ingredients (no chemical additives)
  • helps boost your daily energy and prevents lethargy and fatique
  • accelerates your metabolism which assists in trimming fat
  • boosts your immune system
  • helps support sound sleep and healthy vision
  • keeps your skin looking younger and radiant always
  • its high probiotics/live active yogurt cultures improves your overall digestion
  • Yogurt Frenzy lowers stress

Yogurt Frenzy™ wants to help improve the health quality of soft-serve frozen yogurt and smoothies/cocktails in Nigeria, and all over the world. Our superior nutritional and great tasting frozen yogurt and smoothies are manufactured exclusively in California. The USA-certified product has been completely tested and certified in Nigeria by NAFDAC, and in several other countries including Russia.The exclusive distributor of Yogurt Frenzy in Nigeria & other ECOWAS markets is UV TransContinental Co Ltd, Nigeria.

Franchisee Support

  • Seamless, timely franchise application process..
  • 100% support on acquisition of equipment and materials, build out/design of store location, lifetime supply support of all necessary materials for daily business, sales tracking software, training, in store sales training etc.
  • 0% Franchise, Royalty fees to first time lifters per region.
  • Great discounts, channel partner rates on all materials necessary for business.
  • Marketing & Promotion of the brand
  • Business intervention and support when necessary

Our team is experienced in identifying, planning, executing and rolling out various franchise concepts that work for you in your niche market or geographical area – be it a traditional retail store in a mall, portable kiosks in high-foot traffic metropolitan areas, or mobile franchise vans for flexibility. Our proven system is your partner for success.

Who Is The Ideal Franchisee?

Experienced in managing a Restaurant, Highly driven to succeed, Manager/Owner should be influential and social media savvy(Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc), Financially capable of funding and running the Restaurant.

Unique Business Proposition

Experienced in managing a Restaurant, Most Innovative, Healthy & Best Tasting Yogurt brand yet!

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