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FasTracKids International is a global leader in the advancement of children's joy of learning and unique children's education programs.

Are you an individual or group who has a high level of desire to positively impact the growth and development of children in your country as well as improve your bottom line? If so, then FasTracKids International, a global leader in the advancement of children's joy of learning and unique children's education programs would like to talk to you about the advantages of its Master Franchise opportunity.

FasTracKids International is part of the world's need for educational solutions that create better prepared children. Given the globally recognized need for innovation, creativity, language and analytical skills in our future generations, FasTracKids is clearly part of a solution to address this need. And it accomplishes this in an exciting, compelling and captivating way. FasTracKids programs and products help to develop children who bring these skills to their educational and life settings. By developing better-prepared, more effective learners, FasTracKids has a direct impact on the children who pass through its doors and in their communities around the globe.

The result is what we call our "Five Advantages" for the lives of the kids we influence:

  • Confidence
  • Collaboration
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Communication

Curriculum Advantages

Teacher-led programs for children as young as 6-months-old on up to 8-years-old.

Age-appropriate classes are offered throughout the day to maximize your revenue and attract a wide market.

Most programs available in 18 different languages including Arabic.

Proven Results

Take two children from similar environments and backgrounds - one attended the FasTracKids' Program, the other did not. In just six months, the FasTracKids student shows significant, measurable improvement in skills directly correlated to learning success in both school and non-school environments.

"Findings of this study illustrate the important link between FasTracKids' curriculum and children's performances in vocabulary and social skills," say Dr. Georgia Hall, study director of Wellesley College's National Institute of Out-of-School time. "The study suggests that the program's innovative approach works."

"This study backs up what parents and teachers around the world have been telling us for years: FasTracKids changes kids' lives dramatically in ways that other programs have not," says Nancy Faunce, President and CEO. "We continually hear how children participating in FasTracKids learn to creatively solve problems, master challenges and demonstrate leadership behaviors within the classroom, at home and on the play ground. All of these skills are invaluable throughout one's life."

Who Is The Ideal Franchisee?

We are looking to partner with an investment team or individual with a proven track record of managing successful service oriented businesses in the region. Franchisee should have funding available to establish a sales and support organization. They should communicate well in English and an understanding of local franchising law is preferable.

Master Franchise Fees are based upon the demographics of the region. We take into consideration; overall population, income ratios, economic growth and child population.

Unique Business Proposition

  • FasTracKids provides tangible advantages to those we influence: franchisees and their customers - families and children.
  • FasTracKids programs bring out the joy of learning in children in countries the world over. Franchisees offer the FasTracKids Programs through stand-alone retail centers or integrated into school/childcare curriculum.
  • FasTracKids pioneered intentionally-developed early childhood curriculum for interactive whiteboard technology.
  • FasTracKids programs deliver a combination of one or more of the "Five Advantages" to its customers, the children who enter our centers:
    • Confidence
    • Collaboration
    • Critical Thinking
    • Communication
    • Creativity

Current Operating Locations

We have operational locations in USA, Mexico, Singapore, Romania, UAE, Kuwait, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Malaysia, and many more.

Available Locations For Franchise Opportunities

  • Africa
  • Nigeria
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • more worldwide.

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