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Dr. Batra’s

Dr Batra’s which has been in presence since 1982 started providing Franchise opportunities adequate 2012. With over 100 clinics expand all over India and more than 250 qualified and skilled Homeopaths servicing from the same, Dr Batra’s services to the society is greatly admirable.

Dr. Batra's has the expertise of opening three self owned clinics each month. We have an established set-up and defined departments to work on each project from start to finish. Right from in-depth market survey and analysis, to locating ideal location for new clinic - our various departments ensure each clinic is independently run and is a sound business unit with the doctors imparting care and concern to our valued patients.

Currently the World Health Organization has announced Homeopathy science as the world’s 2nd largest medicine system in the present scenario. While researches display that the market share of Homeopathy is nearly 26,000 crores, in India alone around 12 crore people adopt Homeopathy medicines instead of the use of English medicines.

Worldwide approximately 40 crore people go in for Homeopathy medicines under the counseling of more than 8 Lakhs Homeopathic experts. While current medicines treat physical diseases in a transitory manner, Homeopathy medicines cuts the roots of the diseases entirely offering a permanent comfort from the same.

Owing to this efficient treatment many inevitable personalities and popular people are fluttering from other sorts of medicines to Homeopathy. It’s influence in treating even chronic physical diseases like thyroid, arthritis, allergies and many other skin related problems is a confirm achievement which makes many flutter to Homeopathy increasing the adequacy of this medical science.

All the above details goes to prove that the next big thing anticipated to happen in India is the aggression of Homeopathy as a medical science and treatment for people’s diseases.

Franchisee Support

Whoever desires to become Dr Batra’s Franchise gets 100% assistance and training from the parent company on all factors. Right from selecting the location for the Franchise clinic to design of the layout and architecture, the parent company assures complete help is offered to the new Franchise. It also offers product training to the staff along with consolidated sales and marketing support through different modes like Internet and Media.

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