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Looking to start your own business?

Save yourself the stress of establishing and growing a business from scratch with The Braiding Vault Franchise.

For the FIRST TIME EVER, The Braiding Vault (TBV) is offering you an opportunity to move a step further from being our customer to owning a franchise with us!

The Braiding Vault Ltd (TBV) is a niche saloon established in 2020 to provide protective hair styling and hair and scalp treatments for Afro-Caribbean hair. Our primary focus is and always will be on all braiding styles; a lifestyle and definitive safe where beauty and style are held.

Our track record of excellence and satisfied customers has earned us the title of Nigeria’s most trusted and leading braiding company. We believe in providing a painless and exciting braiding service while also providing our customers with the personalized experience they deserve.

Join us for this very informative webinar on Friday, March 17th, 2023 where Mr. Chiagozie Nwizu, MD of FBDS Nigeria, and our guest speaker Joy Adesanya, MD/CEO of The Braiding Vault, will be speaking about how you can get your very own TBV Franchise and also explaining all the benefits you’ve got to get as well as the support from the TBV team.

Why you should attend?

1. Did you know that the beauty industry is one of the top-performing industries in Nigeria? Learn how to invest.

2. Without prior industry experience, learn how the braiding vault will support you to set your TBV outlet.

3. Understand the profitability of the TBV investment and its attractiveness to investors.

4. Understand the profitability of the TBV investment and its attractiveness to investors

5. Q&A session with the CEO.

Why should attend?

1. Graduates desiring to explore the micro-franchise opportunity to become financially independent.

2. Customers/Individuals desiring to own their own salon outlets.

3. Retirees looking to invest in minimal-risk businesses with initial hands-on support

4. Corporate investors looking to diversify their investment portfolio.

5. Career professionals desiring an additional income stream.

6. Retirees seeking a less risky investment.

Date and time

Venue: ZOOM

Here’s the link on how to register https://bit.ly/tbvwebinar

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