You Asked, Is Franchising For Me?

• Are you interested in having an alternative income stream?

• Are you looking for a solid retirement plan?

• Do you desire to invest in a business with proven system and profitability?

• Do you want to acquire a right to own an outlet of an already established and successful brand?

• Are you a busy career person in need of an alternative investment?

• Do you lack the time and capacity to make investments or build a business?

• Did you answer 80% Yes?

Franchising is for you!!!

What Is A Franchise?

Generally, a franchise is an agreement between two parties which allows one party – The franchisee, to market product or services using the trademark and operating methods of the other party -The franchisor. We at FBDS in more simple terms define franchising as “A business giving another party the rights to leverage its proven and scalable business system to operate a successful and profitable venture.”

There are two major types of franchise methods – The Business Format Franchising and The Product or Trade Name Franchising.

The Business Format Franchising is more structured and delivers better results. By using this method the franchisor grants the franchisee the rights to use his logos and trademarks, as well as a turn-key system for doing business. The franchisee apart from leveraging the brand and proven systems of the franchisor, receives further support in regards to site selection, store layout and design, recruiting and training of staff, marketing the business, suppliers of products and vendor services etc.

The franchisee in return pays upfront franchise fees and ongoing royalties from the franchisor’s systems guaranteed profit, to the franchisor. The franchisor uses these funds to help further develop the system through marketing, product and market research, and ongoing support.

The Product or Trade Name Format Franchising is more about the regular right to operate a distributorship or dealership for a brand. The brand can be leveraged, however leveraging the business system to set up and manage the franchise is usually lacking.

Why Buy A Franchise?

Here are some of the reasons you may consider buying a franchise than embarking on building your own business:

  • The freedom of being self-employed.
  • Leverage an informed ready-made customer base of the franchisor and guaranteed patronage from retainer-ship contracts
  • Leverage the brand awareness and reputation which are proprietary to the franchisor
  • Shared marketing, advertising and launch campaign costs with other franchise outlets of the same brand through global promotion budgets.
  • Industry know-how and skill transfer to manage a business where you have no prior experience
  • Reduced risk of failure by leveraging a proven business system and proven profitable business
  • Margin advantages and cost efficiency through bulk buying advantages. Sometimes this comes with credit supply privileges.
  • Opportunity to own a business with ongoing research and development opportunities
  • Guaranteed business growth, success, and continuity from brand value and business structure

How FBDS Can Be Of Support

Selecting the right franchise can be quite an exciting experience, but with so many franchises available, it can be hard and risky work. Through our Franchise Matchmaking services, we vet and thoroughly assess investors with interest in franchises as regards their interest, passion, investment capacity, credibility etc. (click here for get prequalified for the most suitable franchise for you).

Likewise, we assess the franchisors to ensure that the price and fees they charge are fair, that they have the infrastructure in place to support their franchisees and that they are able to deliver what they promise. We through this process help our franchisor and potential franchisee clients make “ happy ever after” choices of mutually rewarding franchisor/franchisee selection.

Take Advantage Of Our Franchise Seminars and Conferences

Our quarterly held Think-Franchise and Bi-Annually held Nigeria Franchise Expo & Exhibitions are excellent opportunities for you to meet and hear from some of the countries and international leading franchise experts. Watch out for this space Events & Resources for these events, and other very useful resources you can access for free to make an informed franchise development decision for your business.

Click here to test your eligibility to buy a franchise, and to fill the FBDS franchisee pre qualification form.
For more information on how we can help you to franchise your business, call +2349085694509, email contact@fbdsnigeria.com.

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